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Today more than ever, Catholic girls need help facing the challenges of our society.

Agapè Catholic Family Ministries is now addressing this need by offering a spiritual and moral formation through a new quinceañeras prep program.

This ancient celebration is a wonderful opportunity for a fifteen-year-old girl to reflect on the presence of God in her life.

  • A time of dialog with her family, a time of dialog with Christ.
  • A time to learn to be strong in the surrounding, secular world.
  • A time to help her build solid foundations for her future and not deviate from her path to Holiness.

Catholic Quince offers a road-map to achieve these different goals. Some of the questions will require the participation of her parents and family. She will receive information that will help her discern between what is licit and what is moral, what can lead her to God and what can lead her to perdition.

This journey can be completed in one to three weeks. The Quinceañera will receive a beautiful certificate of completion at the end of the course.


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